On one of the previous pages we read about the benefits of technological literacy in our society. The last one mentioned was: "Narrowing the Digital Divide"

1. Find information and examples about the meaning of "The digital divide" and include one of them on this wiki page.

These are some examples, can you add any others? (To add text on this page you should SIGN IN and then click on EDIT THIS PAGE)

Example 1 (by.......):

Example 2 (by.......):

2. In the following video, a teacher and his students helped to bridge the digital divide in Taiwan.

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3. After watching this video, consider a project in which a similar task could be accomplished in Argentina. Start a new wiki page on the wiki to explain and introduce your point. Be creative!

Consider the following hints:

To start a new wiki page, click on "New page" on the top left margin. If the button is not available, you probably haven't signed in to the space. If you need to sign up, send a request to the moderator asking to join the site.

  • You should give the wiki page a brief and clear name. Also include:
    - Name of the project
    - Objective
    -Target population
    - Benefits
    - Resources
    - Stages / implementation

  • You may include text, tables, images, videos, animations, links and more.
  • It is essential that you mention the source of the information you include.