The Evolution of Technology in the last 100 years

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About this video:

"Last year I had a subject called 100 years of change and we had to do a powerpoint presention on something significant in the last 100 years I choose The Evolution Of Technology and I made a movie instead of making a powerpoint. Tell me what you think, please comment"

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JJ's assignment jcastel jcastel 8 617 Nov 15, 2008 by ivantap ivantap

2. Write your profile, as JJ did, including your personal details, interests, etc

3. How many items did JJ cover in his presentation? Name the items/topics

4. Do you agree with his choice? Would you choose the same ones or others?

5. Think of two other topics you would include under "Great changes in the last 100 years".

6. Choose ONE of these topics of change and prepare a short presentation (3 slides aprox) to illustrate your point.

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